Looking Back

The past year has continued to be a challenging year for all housing associations including City West. We’ve made sure that supporting our customers and improving your homes is at the heart of what we do. Our new look Annual Review shows you our highlights over the past year, including completing our first new build homes in Little Hulton, providing skills and employment opportunities locally and our continued commitment to improving services and your neighbourhoods.

Moving Forward

The opening of our new office at 52 Regent Street, Eccles, enables our customers greater access to our services and a wider range of facilities. Throughout this review we have highlighted our ‘Goals’ for the next 12 months. What we aim to achieve includes the opening of Amblecote Gardens our Extra Care scheme, introducing ‘Bright Futures’, and a commitment to providing more much needed housing. Finally, we hope you enjoy reading our new look Annual Review, we would love to hear what you think, please fill in our at the end of this report.


  • Work has been completed on all Ladywell Green high rise blocks - these are now amongst the most energy efficient social housing properties in the country.
  • We’ve completed all the transfer promises outlined in the Offer Document. This achievement has been signed off by Salford City Council and our Operations Group.
  • All of our homes now meet the Decent Homes Standard - completed 6 months ahead of schedule.
  • Our website is now fully accessible from smart phones and tablets and includes our new online repairs reporting tool.
  • Our award winning Change your Choices programme continues to support young people to make better choices.


Compare the targets we set ourselves last year to see how we have actually performed.

  • On or Above Target
  • Below Target


See how we compare against other housing associations in the country. (This is shown when we have access to this information).

  • Top
  • upper middle
  • lower middle
  • bottom

look out for

Value for money

High quality, cost-effective services which our customers want. Look out for our top VfM successes.

When you see this symbol, you know we have listened and acted.

Doing our best for you

Your opinions and ideas are invaluable to help us improve services.

We devised ACORN which is our approach to customer involvement and our way of ensuring customers continue to be at the heart of everything we do.

As involved as you want to be
Challenging what we do
Opportunities for all
Representing your community
Nurturing new ideas

2014/15 Goals


Look out for our Goals icon to see what we aim to do in 2014/15.

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Improving and developing homes

Our Award Winning Barton Village development

Early in 2014 work began on Wade House. This canal-side accommodation is the fourth of five 1960s buildings on the site to be given a new lease of life and is part of our award-winning £14.3 million Barton Village development.

Improvements completed at Ladywell Green

Work to all Ladywell Green blocks was completed in 2013, this included:

  • External cladding
  • Heating installation works
  • Transformation of the individual dwellings

College Croft internal apartment works are now completed and work to the communal areas and external cladding is well underway.

To begin work on the next high rise block in Eccles,

committed to making Your homes energy efficient

  • At both Barton Village and Ladywell Green we have installed Ecopods to provide efficient heating to customers’ homes. The addition of solar thermal panels to supplement the communal gas system helps further reduce heating costs. We also fitted self cleaning windows with the highest energy efficiency rating and the building exterior has been further insulated by wrapping around a thermal cladding. We are in the process of improving our remaining high rise blocks.

  • These high rise blocks now benefit from being amongst some of the most energy efficient social housing properties in the country.

    Customers are saving between 40-60% on their heating bills, averaging out at £459 per home per year.

  • Property improvements have saved 4.5 million kg of CO2 emissions and 58.4 million litres of water.

    Since October 2013 the Solar Panels fitted at Astley Court have helped us save £1,491.

    We are breaking new ground by working with partners such as BRE Trust and Leeds Met University to develop new energy efficiency solutions that could further reduce our customers’ energy bills.

    We’ve carried out thermal improvements on our properties. Some are being monitored by the University of London to measure the energy costs.

developing new homes for the future

  • Phase 1 of our Amblecote Green development began last year, with new affordable family homes and bungalows completed in August 2014. We also handed over 16 new homes on nearby Wildbrook Road to our customers in January 2014.

    This investment comes after City West was named as an Investment Partner by the HCA (Homes and Communities Agency), meaning we are eligible to bid for future Government investment to build more new homes.

    Over 250new homes for West Salford and further homes for the future.
  • In line with high new build standards all of our homes are built to meet Level 3 of the Code for Sustainable Homes. This is an environmental assessment method for rating and certifying the performance of new homes.

our £235 million investment programme

  • In September 2013, we finished our £235 million initial 5 year programme, 6 months ahead of schedule. As at 31st March 2014 the following works had been completed:

    Energy efficient heating systems at 9,332 homes Solid wall insulation at 785 homes 5,300 homes fitted with loft insulation 8,853 New kitchens Cavity wall insulation at 1,500 homes 30,404 New windows 12,394 Energy efficient doors 5,714 New bathrooms 4,431 New roofs

    Product selection events have been used to allow customers to choose the high quality products for their home.

  • 96.6% 544 of 563
    Customers surveyed satisfied with the overall improvements.
    Properties meeting the Decent Homes Standard.

Outstanding Extra Care Housing and over 55s accommodation

We have transformed 8 of our over 55s accommodation schemes with a further 4 currently being refurbished.

Our first purpose built, modern Extra Care scheme will enable older and vulnerable customers to live independently in their own homes. This will include care and support services on site to manage the smooth running of Amblecote Gardens and support the residents living there.

We will establish staffing and services at Amblecote Gardens and promote a vibrant scheme with a range of activities and social opportunities for customers.


Via our subsidiary maintenance company, City West Works, he have

  • 95% (42,693 of 45,113)
    repairs completed right first time
  • 100% (8,307 of 8,307)
  • 98.3% (34,628 of 35,198)
    repairs appointments made and kept

Building Positive people Relationships

encouraging young people to make positive choices

award winning
programme continues to offer support to young people to encourage them to make better choices. Results have shown a reduction in agency involvement, predominantly Police and Social Care, with all participants aspiring to have a ‘good job’ in a specific career.

Click to Watch our Change Your Choices video

National award through SLCNG* for project of the year.

*Social Landlords Crime and Nuisance Group

welfare reform

  • We will work with the Citizens’ Advice Bureau and others to develop the Salford Advice and Information Network, to enhance the money advice offer in Salford.

    At an early stage we identify those customers who may need additional support throughout their tenancy such as training or help from our money advisors.

    We’re signed up to this.

    Salford Advice and Information Network

    Free and independent advice services for customers.

    We’re working hard with our partners to prepare customers for the introduction of Universal Credit in 2014/15.

  • Our Rightsizing project will soon be in full effect, offering customers affordable homes that will meet their individual needs.


    Current Tenant Arrears as a % of Rent Charged 3.96%

  • You told us that Welfare Reform was a significant concern. We have invested heavily to ensure information has been provided for customers to understand how the changes will affect them and the support we can provide as their landlord.

    Our customer Welfare Reform group has been set up to give us a customer perspective, to influence the way we contact and support our customers through these changes.

Customer Service Excellence Accreditation

We achieved 10 Compliance Plus ratings for going over and above the standard which focuses on delivery, timeliness, information, professionalism and staff attitude.

We were praised for excelling in areas including delivering a wide variety of community projects, using customer feedback to improve services, social accounting and tackling ASB.

become a living wage accredited organisation

Awarding the Living Wage is a step in the right direction to maintaining staff engagement, retaining skills within the business and reducing turnover.

To maintain the Living Wage across City West employees’ salaries.

We will also be working with our partners to ensure that staff who regularly work in our premises are paid the Living Wage.

acorn - involvement opportunities

  • Customer involvement provides City West customers the opportunity to influence decision making and work with us to improve services. Through Acorn we make it easy for customers to get involved:

    • As involved as you want to be
    • Representing your community
    • Challenging what we do
    • Nurturing new ideas
    • Opportunities for all

    Our Customer Scrutiny Inspectorate (CSI) and Service Excellence Groups also give customers the opportunity to get involved and give their feedback.

    Please see our Delivering Excellent Service section to see the work that has been carried out by these groups.

  • YEP is our Youth Empowerment Panel which involves 23 young people aged from 13-­24 years old. They help us engage with 100s more young people by designing, producing and managing:

    • Pre-tenancy Training Courses
    • Youth Development Panel
    • Salford Youth Domain

  • Yep work with us to decide how cash from our Quids for Kids fund should be spent. Over £6,000 has already helped to pay for initiatives.

    Young Enterprise
    Helping Years 10 and 11 develop skills such as teamwork, communication, problem solving, managing risk, creativity, innovation and leadership through setting up and running their own company over the course of one academic year. With the chance to compete against other schools, locally and regionally.

  • young people on Facebook, with 200 of those regularly involved in consultations.
    Twitter followers, our Cyber Bullying campaign reached over 40,000 people.
  • Disability Forum

    • Consulted on our 52 Regent Street building design, contributing insights and views for the design and accessibility of the building
    • Visited our Service Centre to understand how it works
    increase in customers getting involved (60 new involved customers).
  • Local Area Panels

    Our Local Area Panels continued to thrive this year. Each LAP successfully allocated their project fund to a variety of projects benefiting many customers living in our communities.

    • Funded defibrillators in schools
    • Organised local events and social activities

customer awards

Customers and City West staff members submitted over 100 nominations to recognise those members of our neighbourhoods who go above and beyond in their contribution to the community. The winners were chosen by our independent judging panel. This year we combined the Awards Ceremony with our Customer Conference Party with over 250 customers gathering to celebrate City West’s 5th birthday.

The event was planned and organised with the support of customers from the Customer Conference Group.

customer adaptation service

100%264 OF 264

delivering excellent services

compliments, comments and complaints

  • City West welcomes all feedback and we aim to act as quickly as possible. Here’s a summary of this year’s feedback:

    complaints received this year
    100% 869 of 869
    all complaintswere responded to within set timescales
    89.07% 774 out of 869
    Complaintshave been resolved informally through our Get it Sorted process (introduced July 2013)

  • Top three service areas receiving compliments:

    196 Responsive Repairs
    56 Asset Management/ Investment Works
    56 Service Centre
  • Stage at which complaints were resolved:

    • STAGE 1 - 88
    • STAGE 2 - 6
    • STAGE 3 - 1


    Our Customer Complaints Performance Panel

    • Reviews our performance in handling complaints
    • Helps us improve our processes
    • Helps review and resolve complaints

    Interested in getting involved?

    Contact the Business Excellence Team
    T: 0300 123 5522 E:

    No experience needed, just enthusiasm.
    Training will be provided. The Panel meets every three months.

Customer survey results and learnings

  • Throughout 2013/14, City West collected regular customer satisfaction feedback through an independent company. 550 surveys were completed monthly across 10 service areas. This provided us with a high volume of detailed customer feedback, to assess and help improve the quality of our services.

  • 93.8% 2,462 out of 2,626
    Customers surveyed feel we keep them informed about matters that affect them.
    Customers surveyed (153 out of 216) told us they were satisfied or very satisfied with the way their complaint was handled.
    Customers surveyed (159 out of 220) told us they were satisfied or very satisfied with the outcome of their complaint.

    Each service area is continually working on improving 2-3 areas identified by customers as a priority and meet every two months with the Business Excellence Team to progress these actions.

  • ASB – There was a low satisfaction level amongst customers when being advised of the member of staff dealing with their case. The ASB Team have responded by reviewing the procedure for case handovers.

    Investment Works – Customers identified that they were not satisfied with the ‘Notification Period’ provided. City West have revisited the wording of the notification letter and asked the Contractors to be more ‘date’ specific.

Our Independent Living Officers

  • City West provides a wide variety of support services to customers at our 15 sheltered schemes including money advice, social activities and tenancy support. We are committed to delivering services for older customers, promoting their ability to live independently in their own homes for as long as possible.

  • Independent Living Services will support our customers through the completion of investment works at Sindsley and Hulton Avenue.

    Customers moving to Amblecote Gardens have visited 3 local Extra Care schemes to prepare them for moving.

welfare reform support and money advice

  • City West Chatterbus

    We are continuing to support our customers with a range of financial help services, including sharing the latest information on Welfare Reform to help improve our customers’ incomes.

    We are expanding our support to customers affected by Welfare Reform and increasing the practical support available for those customers who wish to mutually exchange properties.


    Our dedicated Welfare Reform support staff have also forged excellent relations with the Help With Rent team and Salford Discretionary Support Scheme to help support customers with the financial stress of moving home.

    In 2013/14, assistance from our Money Advisors resulted in our customers receiving £300,000 in extra income.

    Of 347 customers surveyed 80% (278) of customers accessing the service feel more confident financially and 98% (340) of customers are satisfied with the service they received.

  • We have helped more than 250 of our customers move to a smaller City West home in response to the Government’s Welfare Reforms. Many more have been relocated through our work with Home Search. We have also supported more than 80 mutual exchanges and assisted 100s of customers to access additional Discretionary Housing Payments to help them manage financially.


  • Our City West Housing Trust website is now fully accessible from smart phones and tablets. This includes the new online repairs reporting tool, which sends an email containing all the repair details to our Service Centre.

    For all the latest City West news and updates visit

  • iHousing Over 2000 visitors
    Customers have signed up to iHousing, the easy way to pay your rent online.
    Over 10,000 visitors per month on average
    Average visitors per month to our website.

Customer Feedback

  • Our Customer Scrutiny Inspectorate (CSI) regulary review and challenge our services and report to our Board, resulting in savings and service improvements.

    The role of each Service Excellence Group is to focus on developing ideas for achieving service excellence across the board.


    During 2013/14 all the recommendations identified by the Customer Scrutiny Inspectorate were implemented by City West. The CSI looked at customer satisfaction with their new home and found that overall satisfaction from new customers was high.

    The CSI also did a review of the Customer Journey Map. The letters customers receive when they are to be charged for work that was carried out have been rewritten to make them easier to understand for customers.


    Customer Scrutiny Inspectorate

    • Changed Neighbourhood Walkabouts to Action Weeks
    • Improved the Recharge process

    Following recommendations from CSI, a new approach to neighbourhood walkabouts was implemented and a programme of Action Weeks developed with the focus being on a different neighbourhood each week. Neighbourhood inspections have also been developed which are conducted by the neighbourhood teams on a monthly basis.

  • Our members

    • ASB3 Customers
    • Green2 Customers
    • Customer Involvement3 Customers
    • Independent Living Service6 Customers
    • Customer Service & Choice2 Customers
    • Quality of Accommodation9 Customers
    • Enterprise1 Customer
    • Repairs & Maintenance5 Customers
    • Equality & Diversity4 Customers
    • Value For Money1 Customer

‘Just One Number’

    • 93.7%(8,987 out of 9,575)
      customer satisfaction with our service centre
    • 84%(144,519 out of 172,676)
      calls answered in less than 20 seconds
    • 90%(17,301 out of 19,189)
      first call resolutions on incoming calls
  • Just One Number 0300 123 55 22. More people to answer your calls. More training to increase knowledge. 90% (17,301 of 19,183) calls dealt with at first point of contact.

delivering sustainable communities

Your Neighbourhood, Our Promises

  • Your Neighbourhood, Our Promise

    For 2014/16 we’ll have between 8 and 12 Promises per neighbourhood, at any one time. These Promises allow us to be more flexible at a local level.

    All promises are available on our website

  • Following customer feedback we have streamlined the way our original Neighbourhood Plans were structured and monitored. Focus of the new Neighbourhood Promises now concentrate on day to day management plus responding to any hotspots in any particular neighbourhood.

    If you’re out and about in your neighbourhood and see something you do or don’t like – Spot it, Snap it, Send it. Photograph your likes and dislikes and send them to us by text 67200 or

  • 93.5% 4,471 of 4,783
    Customers surveyed satisfied with their neighbourhood as a place to live.
    44% (88/200)
    Customers surveyed said they thought their neighbourhood had got better as a place to live.
    53% 106 of 200
    Customers surveyed thought City West services had improved in their neighbourhood.
    55% 110 of 200
    Customers surveyed felt that City West were doing more to improve their neighbourhood and help their community.
  • Through our neighbourhood plans, over the past 3 years our ratings have gone from
    5 Bronze20 Silver6 Gold to:

    0 Bronze
    13 Silver
    18 Gold

asb achievements

  • ASB Accredited HouseMark with the Social Landlords Crime and Nuisance Group

    In February 2014 we welcomed back two Assessors from HouseMark to conduct our ASB Accreditation re-assessment. Our onsite reassessment ran very smoothly, resulting in a very positive outcome for City West and our customers. This reinforces our pledge to staff and customers that we remain fully committed to tackling ASB and are continually looking at ways of improving our service.

  • Our ASB Mediation Service went live in September 2013 and ASB cases suitable for mediation are now dealt with by our own team of trained volunteer mediators. A number of referrals have been made to our new service, resulting in four successful outcomes so far.

    91% (655 of 720)
    ASB cases resolved or referred for legal action within target

    Mediation Skills training to:
    • support new volunteers
    • refresh existing mediators

    A full review of costs and savings will be carried out later this year.

    78.7% 118 OUT of 150
    Customers satisfied with the outcome of their ASB case.

    84.4% 141 OUT of 167
    Customers were happy with the support they received.

developing our neighbourhoods with 83 new homes

City West Housing Trust has purchased 78 homes in Salford from Great Places Housing Group. In addition, we have also acquired 5 empty homes and refurbished them to bring them back into use. These properties, in Little Hulton, are at the heart of our neighbourhoods and will benefit from the same first class service that we already provide to other homes in the area.


We’ve been working up the environmental schemes ready for delivery in 2014-15.

These include planned environmental schemes to maintain or replace boundaries (walls, fences, driveways etc) across 4 neighbourhoods, with work across low rise blocks also continuing.

Customers involved at all stages through environmental steering group and surveys.

52 Regent street - City West’s new office in the heart of Eccles

From our new offices customers benefit from better access to a wider range of City West services and community facilities. A key feature will be a ‘no queue’ policy, with knowledgeable staff on hand to answer enquiries. Staff working in the community will also have access to ‘hubs’ in your local area where they can call in and work from.

ensuring regulatory compliance

message from the chair

Looking Back

City West Housing Trust Board, of which I am Chair, has been delighted with the progress the organisation has made this year. Particular highlights for us include:

  • Our performance, which has been good, with targets met
  • Our continuing efficiencies drive, whilst also providing enhanced services to our customers
  • Our high rise investment which has continued to deliver fantastic apartments at both Barton Village and Ladywell Green, and we have been really pleased to see families move in to the much needed homes built in Little Hulton

Moving Forward

Our Neighbourhood Promises are now in place, and put City West in a great position to continue to strengthen our neighbourhoods and improve overall customer satisfaction.

There are exciting times ahead: the City West Housing Trust Board has recently approved the move to establish a formal group structure. I believe this approach will put the organisation in a good position for future development. It will also open up greater opportunities for improving people’s lives, generating funds to continue our investment in existing services and provide new services to our neighbourhoods to benefit the local community.

City West Board - OUR MEMBERS

  • The Board of City West is responsible for exercising all the powers of the organisation, controlling its strategic direction and setting its policy framework.

    How our groups feed into the City West Board:

  • 4 +1 council co-optee
    Council Members
    Independent Members
    Tenant Members

    Decision making is by collective consensus and all Board members act in the best interests of City West and have equal responsibilities and liabilities, representing the Board as a whole, not their individual constituent groups.

  • Board Members:


    • Lynne Alderson
    • Roz Fox
    • David Lamb
    • Carol Mawers


    • Andy Zuntz
    • Clare Budden
    • Stephen Reuben

    Council Representatives

    • James Dawson
    • Joe Kean
    • Robin Garrido
    • Michael Wheeler


    • Adrian Brocklehurst

    Executive Members:

    Chief Executive

    • Tim Doyle

    Deputy Chief Executive

    • Colette McKune

    Director of Corporate Services

    • Paul Carhart

    Director of Communities and Neighborhoods

    • David Cummins

    Director of Finance

    • Paul Whitehead

    Registered Office

    52 Regent Street, Eccles, M30 0BP

gas safety certificate

  • We maintain 100% compliance for valid gas safety certificates, taking legal action against those who refuse entry to their homes for safety standards. This service has been independently validated and is recognised as a standard of best practice within the sector.

    Maintained above 100% since july 2011 - on or above target
    Use of court action has resulted in more first time access which has year on year reduced the cost of this service.
  • Gas Safety Week

    City West were proud to support Gas Safety Week (16th - 22nd September 2013). Our Gas Team went out in the community to raise awareness of gas safety and offer advice to our customers.

changes to to our asb programme

The Anti-Social Behaviour Crime and Policing Act 2014 brings a number of changes to the tools and powers available to organisations that tackle anti-social behaviour. This year we will increase our awareness and knowledge of the new tools and powers which we will then share to staff and customers.

Continue to set rent to Government guidance

Rent increases are set in accordance with Government guidance which is based upon achieving “target rents” based on property value and local earnings.

Rent is set in accordance with Government guidance (RPI*) + 0.5% + £2 > RENT CAP

The Government formula is based upon achieving “target rents” based on property value and local earnings.

regulatory framework for social housing

We deliver services in line with the Regulatory Framework for social housing in England.

We reviewed our complaints and comments policy and improved this procedure by putting the customer at the centre of the procedure and reducing it by 15 days. Flexibility and discretion is the key to this new process.

aiming for the highest standards - accreditations

    This re-accreditation shows we are meeting exemplar practice standards that address diversity across the business. We continue to be accredited by DiBA to ensure we measure and achieve diversity practice in our organisation.
    The ACCA Approved Employer programme recognises employers’ high standards of staff training, accountancy resources and development for their ACCA members and trainees.
  • We are a living wage employer
    Every member of staff earns not just the minimum wage but a Living Wage. The Living Wage is an hourly rate set independently and updated annually, based on the cost of living in the UK.
    TPAS Awards 2013

    Highly commended for “Excellence in Youth Involvement” (YEP).

    Winner “Resident Involvement Officer of the Year” (Leanne Gleave).

  • UKHA 2013
    Shortlisted “Sustainable Landlord of the Year” (Green Agenda).
    Housing Awards 2013 Finalist
    Shortlisted “Community Achievement” (Big Pledge).
    Social Landlords - Crime and Nuisance Group
    Winner “Best Project” (Change Your Choices).
  • Women in Housing Awards 2014
    Shortlisted “Best Housing Professional” (Colette McKune). Shortlisted “Excellence in Career Development” (Skills Programme).
    Welfare Aware Awards
    Shortlisted “Welfare Reform Communications”.
    Shortlisted “Outstanding Financial Communications”.
  • Customer Service Excellence
    We have been re-accredited for achieving Customer Service Excellence across all of our service areas.
    HouseMark ASB Accredited
    This HouseMark ASB re-accreditation shows that we are responding well to anti-social behaviour, recognising that it’s a high priority issue for many customers.
  • We have also been accredited for the following:

    • Quality Management Systems
    • Environment Management
    • Occupational Health and Safety

    Direct Labour Organisation (DLO)HQN re-accreditation.

    Repairs and Maintenance HQN re-accreditation.

corporate social responsibility


  • At City West our ‘Big Pledge’ is our commitment to making a big difference to our customers and wider society, the environment and the local economy. We already deliver a wide range of services which go above and beyond the housing management services traditionally associated with social housing.

    We have produced a set of audited social accounts for 2013/14 to evidence the difference this is making. These CSR activities help improve the quality of life for our customers, limit the impact of our activities on the environment and support local economic growth.

  • Our Litter Legacy Day was our first great example of a ‘Big Pledge’ event.

    Customers and staff from City West collected huge amounts of rubbish, removed graffiti and cleared overgrown areas with help and equipment donated by our like-minded partners. Organisations such as Salford City Council and Keep Britain Tidy were on hand to advise residents on key issues such as food waste and collection services.

get involved find time (gift)

Get Involved Find Time (GIFT) is City West’s approach to coordinating staff charitable activities and volunteering in the community.

  • Over 1,600 hours volunteered
  • We donated £60,000, including £30,000 for St Anne’s Hospice

In 2014, City West is working with Guide Dogs UK as its Spotlight Charity.


  • City West supports a variety of initiatives to help those living in our neighbourhoods. We have recognised issues such as loneliness and isolation becoming increasingly common for vulnerable customers.

    Working in partnership with a charity called ROC, we’re delivering a befriending service. So far we have recruited 19 ‘befrienders’ to support those who feel lonely.

  • We ran a ‘Cover Up’ campaign helping hundreds of young people fight the winter cold, by making sure that children and teenagers living in West Salford had the opportunity to get a warm coat.

    Our food parcel service in Little Hulton helped over 140 families.

  • Working with Greggs Foundation, we are currently preparing for the launch of a school Breakfast Club. This will provide children in attendance with:

    • Free access to a healthy breakfast
    • Opportunity of early morning play to promote informal learning
    • Opportunity to take part in our learning enrichment activities. These will be planned in line with their schools Improvement Plan and delivered by staff volunteers from City West

    It will also provide parents and carers with vocational training and employment-related information, advice and guidance.

  • City West Works voluntered over 1,700 hours to deliver community events which made a difference to the communities. Some highlights of the activities undertaken include:

    • Building benches, trellises and bird tables for customers and various events at Canterbury Gardens
    • Provided a skip for customers and cleaned balconies at Ennismore
    • Swept and cleaned the surrounding areas at both Whittlebrook House and Russell Court to prevent any slip hazards
    • Decorated Whittlebrook House with Christmas decorations
    • Cleared clutter and rubbish from the gardens, organised a bingo afternoon and added Christmas decorations at Monica Court

delivering affordable warmth

  • To reduce energy costs and carbon emissions we improved thermal efficiency by installing new systems at 61 City West and 26 private solid wall properties:

    • Shepway Court
      • Ground source heat pump
      • Photovoltaic (PV) panels
    • Caroline/Dixon Street and Henley Avenue
      • External wall insulation
  • A range of national and local campaigns promoted ‘green’ issues to staff and customers. We also offered energy advice to customers on how to reduce energy consumption and cut fuel bills including sending an energy guide to all of our properties.

our award winning skills programme

  • TO DATE 250
    apprentices have been placed with a local construction firm.
    we spend on improving homes, a new job is created for a local person.
    MORE THAN 11%
    More than the national average of 11%.
  • 23-year-old Chris, from Swinton, works for City West Works where he helps train a team of newly recruited apprentices. He started his career as an apprentice, before working through the ranks to secure a full-time role.

    “My apprenticeship boosted my confidence – it’s meant I can use my skills to mentor the next generation of apprentices. I would definitely recommend employers to consider running their own apprenticeship schemes.”

  • apprentices are employed across all of our services.

    apprentices are employed from the West Salford area, with over 30% being City West tenants.

experience, skills and training opportunities

  • Our College Links programme provides real life work experience opportunities to students on projects within the construction industry in the community.

    young people have completed our College Links programme.
  • ‘Skills in the City’ is our innovative programme for local unemployed people to help develop their confidence and get them ready to go back to work. Training and placements are available in a variety of sectors including Hospitality, Catering and Customer Services.

    We have designed and delivered a Work Preparation scheme which has supported over 30 of our customers to build key work skills, improve their confidence and help them enter the workforce.


    This programme offers unemployed 16-to-25-year-olds the chance to take part in a 12-week course, to give them a chance to enhance their skills and experiences, moving closer to employment.

    34young people have completed the programme since summer 2013.
    22participants have since gone on to find work placements or employment.
  • FRESH Living
    is an innovative approach offering traineeship opportunities to 20 people. Half of these trainees will secure an apprenticeship and participate in a three year project which provides construction skills, experience and qualifications and creates a rent subsidy for their home.

don’t keep it under your hat

Our Don’t Keep it Under Your Hat programme is designed to support customers and residents wanting to develop their business idea, to potentially generate an additional income, delivered through a range of workshops, one to one advice, support and start-up grants.

Find out more

being an organisation with real social responsibility

value for money and financial report summary

Financial Report Summary

Total turnover
Housing property assets

What Value for Money means to City West

  • 2013/14 Cashable Value For Money Efficiencies

    We delivered over
    £40,000more efficiencies than our target. (Actual: £569,000, Target: £519,603)

  • VfM is a clear priority for City West that underpins everything we do. We have a strong track record of delivering VfM, achieving high levels of efficiencies and year on year improvements in performance and satisfaction, and a culture that sees positive results.

    View our Value for Money statement SUMMARY

Financial report and accounts 2013/14

View our financial information on income and expenditure, including our value for Money statement.


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